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2019   I   mixed media   I   160 x 65 x 59 cm

“In the intimacy of the dark space, these two scenes provide an opportunity for self-examination, confrontation, and the exploration of life truths; the scenes condense complex and ambivalent emotions, such as loneliness, into a single moment, which, depending on the situation, can provide us with the gift of uplifting, life-changing encounters and insights. These are mirrors that bring in the observer deeply buried thoughts and emotions to the surface.”

“The only character in the nocturnal housing estate scene—an old lady smoking in the lifeless human environment in a way that is bizarrely full of life—evokes in us a dual state of outsideness: she is both outcast and lonely, but it is precisely from this particular point of view that she can see and judge things wisely. The scenes, developed with a high degree of precision and patience, thus turn, after the first moment of delighted amazement, into concentrated proclaimers of serious truths, complementary spaces, and mysterious doors to our inner world.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Somogyi - Rohonczy Zsófia

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