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2019   I   mixed media   I   143 x 42 x 50 cm 

“The scene of Sebi do not come here, this one is my world! is based on the encounter of two little boys in the shade of willow trees. The timid posture of the charming boy figure pulling his toys behind him in a small car almost rocks us into a sweet dream, yet the snow-white-painted other figure, holding his arm out in a way signaling rejection, as a kind of idol or ghostly apparition, blows away this childish and cheerful mood. With its etheric shape, it opens up a different kind of world, which is further enhanced by its fluorescent appearance when, thanks to the timer, the light bulb that illuminates the scene goes out. The lesson that seems didactic at first sight is clear—the wealth of the material world is not comparable to the wealth of the inner world—yet it is so difficult to reconcile with everyday life. The (material) distances that can be bridged so easily in childhood become larger and more cardinal as we grow old; childhood rejection is repeated over and over in our lives, contributing to our development.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Somogyi - Rohonczy Zsófia

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