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2016   I   wax, foil, ring   I   12 x 24 x 16 cm

(There is a hungarian phrase 'Even a blind chicken can find a grain', which means anyone can be lucky sometimes)

I started to think about the topic when I accidentally found a ring at my feet on the streets. Is it fake? Is it a white gold wedding ring? Or an engagement ring?

The ring is the symbol of eternity, togetherness, community spirit and continuity. The circular shape refers to infinity while the closed form refers to the connection and bond with the supernatural, community or another person.

In the Symphosium, Plato refers to the Greek myth that suggests we are separated from our other half and we all in search for it to be complete again. This other half is that One person who is the perfect match . Does The One exists? What is the guarantee that our paths cross? Are relationships and marriages composed of people accidentally drifted together? Is it just us, who eagerly wants to proof that there is a perfect match (and that we found/will find it) ?

The ephemeral material I used for the object counterponts the ring that is the representation of eternity. You can see two engaging rings in my palm -the symbol of marriage- however there is only one in fact.

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