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2017 I styrofoam, iron, wood, polycarbonate I 4 x 6 x 3 m

The central point of my current projects is the examination of the existence, role and possibilities of the individual; they ponder over predestination and controllability of existence in aspects of different life events and natural circulations.

My attention attracted to the matter of threshold in the manner of symbolicity and materiality. Threshold signifies boundary, indicates an entrance to a new world.


“Thus, they protected the sanctuaries terribly - not only with weapons, and not only the guardians, but with walls all around it. And they developed a belief, that the threshold is divine, passing over it has a significance. But the paths, gates and doors that led to the sanctuary were also divine. Therefore, a complex system developed for protection, which they took seriously. I could refer to the Tatar habit, that implies to kill the person who steps on the threshold of the yurt. Because the threshold was holy, they had to step over it. In different cultures, the emperor proclaimed the most important announcements from the threshold."

Peter Popper: A bennünk lévő sötétségről (About the darkness inside us)


The installation consists of three parts. The first part is a disproportionate flight of stairs that is lifted above the ground; this you can walk up on, at your own risk, but going onward is not allowed. The second part is a threshold held in the level of the stairs by a metal structure. This is the border that we are only able to pass in theory, passing through physically is prevented. The third element is a transparent, reflecting surface laying on a patched-together wooden structure.

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