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2014   I   installation   I   Budapest, AmaTáR

"Andrea Gombos sets observers off for a self-reflective path-seeking with a tourist guide's tufted wand. During this journey we examine individual and collective "act-together", the chance of choice, how external factors influence our lives and actions, and how our believed-to-be-free thinking is controlled and guided by our surroundings."

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kitty Józsa

My works titled Hiatus and Follow Signs are inspired by my memories of the three months I spent in Prague.

During sightseeing and local trips I observed how people form into small groups on every corner following tourist guides holding flags, ribbons and umbrellas upon the heads. These unconscious performances inspired me to create the work Follow Signs: masses of people are rushing towards instant information, whereas they could let themselves to be immersed by the city. In the installation I use the tour guide's rod as a mystic object intended to be followed. In theory, the head of the rod is interchangeable and the box is an array of symbols which we can choose from.

The diapositives I got from kolbenova flea market show a different point of view as they document the building and restoration of some local buildings.

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