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Germany, Kassel - Brandthaus

Hungary, Budapest

While spending time abroad our sensibility is in an increased state, and thus we become more receptive for many small details. We even recognize such seemingly insignificant details, such as scratches and flaws that most probably would not catch our attention back at home. I started to be interested in these imprints and flaws during my stay in London. In fact, another layer of the city’s everyday life and past began to disclose itself in front of me. While in the case of my works entitled as 2009/00036 and 2009/00037 it is the spectator who weaves the background story from the traces created by me, in this case I am the one who reconstructs the stories of the found traces. It is interesting to guess whether a little scratch/imprint could be interpreted as an injury and it is also worth examining what story it tells and what genesis it carries. Traces of wars and revolutions hit by ball, drawings of machines in factories chiseled into the floor during the decades, surfaces of floors, pavements, roads at railway stowages, stores are all tellers of special stories.

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