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2008-2013 I UV print I   190x70x40 cm

A 6-month-long stay in abroad gives the opportunity for one to redefine oneself. For this period the tethers given by the home leave off, one acts independently during the every days. Every day in the February month of my stay in Stuttgart I took a photo of myself after waking up and then after having make-up. As an outside bystander I faced my own image. I was looking for the changes of one and the other. What changes if somebody uses make-up? Is it only a female fancy? A social expectation? Do we feel better or more beautiful therefrom?

At the time of the monthly period can the time of courses be raveled? Does the face change for this time? Or the mask, the varnishing is so good even after wake-up that an outside bystander cannot notice anything?

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